holidaycottagevendee  holidaycottagevendee Green Venice Venise Verte  (Green Venice)

Venise Vert (Green Venice) is the canal system the Vendée is famous for. There are numerous places (Maillezais is one of the best, 20 min drive from L'Hermenault) where small rowing boats can be hired (with or without guides). Maps are provided and you can navigate round canal systems to set routes. The canals range from 20m wide to narrow stretches barely wide enough for the boat. All the canals are completely covered with a very distinctive weed giving them the appearance of flat green land, hence the 'Venise Vert' name. At Maillezais there is also a restaurant, souvenir shop and crazy golf course. The area is dedicated to market-gardening or used as pastures for cattle breeding and is the perfect frame for enchanting boat rides.