holidaycottagevendee  holidaycottagevendee City of Nantes and The Elephant

Nantes is a vibrant City with a well blended mix of history and modern innovation.

The City itself is lively mix of shops , bars and restaurants set amongst some fascinating architecture.

L’Ile de Nantes a former industrial island in the middle of the Loire River  in the centre of the City is being transformed into what will surely be one of Europe’s major tourist attractions.

Les  Machines de L’ile deNantes

The Machines de l’Ile is an extraordinary artistic project like you've never seen before. It is a blend of the invented worlds of Jules Verne, the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci, and the industrial history of Nantes.

“A team of machine builders have set up their workshop in the industrial warehouses of the former shipyards, at the heart of the Ile de Nantes. The designers let their imaginations roam from the treetops, the savannah to the ocean depths, building a bestiary of living machines to populate this area under redevelopment. The Great Elephant, the Marine Worlds and the Heron Tree are urban sculptures open to the public. Like doors to the world of dreams and magical journeys, they give this island a mysterious feel as if we were back to the time when the vessels set sail to travel around the world.”